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Buche de Chevre du Poitou

Today’s business. Check as many National days off as possible—in a tortured spelling list story-post—with just one cheese. Go!

The cheese: Buche de Chevre du Poitou. A generic name for a non-generic cheese. It ripens from the edges inward, so you get a rind with a bit of mushroomy resistance and on into a soft, buttery-cream paste, followed by a firmer interior with a bright lemony flavor. See? It is already a multi-tasker.

Now there is no (National Speech and) Debate (Education Day) that this cheese is delicious and will cause all who you feed it to say (National) Dadgum that’s Good (Day) and to Share a Smile (Day) with you. They might go as far as to (World) Compliment (Day) you on it or (National) Write a Letter of Appreciation (Day). Either way, you can point out that it is a versatile cheese—it goes sweet or savory. Perhaps you slap some on (National) Celery with some hot sauce or you put it on bread with some (National) Fruit Compote (Day). (International) Mirth (Month) ensues and happy tummies abound! Enjoy your March 1st and feel free to pop down and buy this cheese tomorrow or even on the 3rd—it’s not holiday specific, you know.

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The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle