The Cheese Box Stars

The Cheese Box

A Friendly Cheese Counter
in the Pike Place Market

A Friendly Cheese Counter

We are a friendly cheese counter in the Pike Place Market with exceptional international & local cheeses, and cheese accompaniments.

Exceptional Cheeses That Change Minds

We’d like to show you cheeses that will change your mind. Blow your mind. And your family, kids, friends…

You Are Part of Our Community

You are never just a consumer at the Pike Place Market. You are part of our vital community. We look forward to seeing you.

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The Pike Place Market – The Greatest Picnic on Earth!

Find each part of your Pike Place Market meal from Market vendors. Get vendor’s tips and recommendations. Day by day, we will tell you what’s best in the Market.

The Cheese Seasons

Ephemeral beauty lives long & dearly in the heart. We are always looking for specialty cheeses produced seasonally, and cheeses produced in limited runs.

Tell Us Your Cheese Stories

What are your cheese stories? Your cheese journeys? The Cheese Box is curious.

The Cheese Box Stars