The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle

We hope your experience with us is completely unique. At our historic Market cheese shop, it is our pleasure to help you find the cheeses you really want. We have time for you. We can also give suggestions and guide you to other products throughout the Market that pair perfectly with your cheese.

We love variety. Savory cheese favorites for your dishes, delicately soft cheeses for charcuterie boards, seasonal cheeses, vegan cheeses, stinky cheeses, spicy cheeses, and more cheeses! The Cheese Box also features cheese that are well loved but difficult to find—such as brick cheese, Limburger cheese, and Cougar Gold.

The Cheese Box features cheeses that are well loved but difficult to find—such as Cougar Gold, brick cheese, Limburger cheese, and more.

Looking for local? The Cheese Box is expanding its regional offerings. Grew up in another country? We may have your favorite cheese from home or one like it. If not, we’d love to hear more about your favorite cheese (we love cheese!).

Stories from Some of Our Specialty Cheeses

Sagging Fence Goat Tomme
The Cheese Box Seattle Pike Place Market Sagging Fence

This is a storyteller’s cheese. First of all, the name of the farm comes from hungry goats (and really, when are goats not hungry) trying to get over the farm’s wire fences to find more or better food on the other side. Secondly, this is the owner’s retirement gig. Can you imagine? And last, but not least, the goats are 24 Nubians, though only 6-8 are producing milk at any given time. Each tomme takes 4-5 gallons to make so the goats can only make 4-5 cheeses per week. We are certainly grateful to be able to carry this product on a regular basis. It is a pure expression of goat’s milk. A semi-firm, raw-milk, washed-rind, finely-textured cheese reminiscent of those from the Basque region.

Pair with quince or pear preserves.

Tomme Corse de Brebis
The Cheese Box Seattle Pike Place Market Ottavi

A relatively unknown gem, this cheese is full of character. And no wonder, the sheep feed on a nearly impenetrable bramble on the island of Corsica, known as the maquis. The maquis covers nearly 20% of the island and is composed of heathers, myrtles, mints, rosemary, lavender, sages, rock roses, and curry plants to name but a few components. This terroir infuses the cheese with a sturdy savoriness followed by a more delicate aftertaste depending on the consumer. It is a semi-hard cheese that can be grated after it ages.

A lively Sauvignon Blanc paired with this cheese would make for a perfect evening.

L’Amuse Gouda
The Cheese Box Seattle Pike Place Market Lamuse

The queen of the Goudas is made in Northern Holland, but then purchased and aged by renowned cheese handler, Betty Koster. She ages the cheese for two years but at a higher temperature and humidity than other Goudas. This creates the intense and complex flavor with a long finish. It is a firm, yet still slightly creamy cheese with the signature casein crunch found in most Goudas—but better.

With its overtones of toasted hazelnuts and caramel, a port would be a great flavor partner.

The Cheese Box Seattle Pike Place Market Rogue Oregon Dargental

Decadent. While only a double cream brie-style cheese, Vacherousse feels way more luxurious. It is washed while young in both annatto and brine, accounting for both its orangey skin (hence the name “red cow” in French) and the white bloom covering it. This cheese is aromatic, creamy, and buttery with tantalizing herbal hints.

It can straddle most preferences and can be paired with a sweet preserve to flirt with its lushness, or with pickles and mustard to start a witty repartee.

Oregon Smokey Blue
The Cheese Box Seattle Pike Place Market Rogue Oregon Blue

Made by Rogue Creamery, this is the world’s first smoked blue cheese. It was inspired by Smokey the Bear and is smoked over hazelnut shells, infusing the cheese with unique notes of barrel-aged vanilla and bread pudding. You’ll also get spicy-sweet flavors of honey, apple, and nectarine with a mild blue finish. Not only is the cheese delicious—but you can feel good about eating it when you know that the cows live in a cow-palace, milk themselves when ready, and live on a farm with sustainable practices.

Rogue’s website has a recipe for a berry Pavlova with the Smokey Blue crumbled on top, but if that seems like too much work for you today you could simply plop a piece on a cracker and drizzle some honey over the top.

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The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle