The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle

A Cheese Learning Luncheon with Kim from Jasper Hills

A Cheese Learning Luncheon with Kim from Jasper Hills – Thursday May 30th 2024, at 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM – Atrium Kitchen @ Pike Place Market

Attention all you afternoon delighters, you lifetime learners, you curd nerds! Jasper Hills is coming to The Cheese Box this Thursday for a Learning Luncheon at the Atrium Kitchen. Kim from Jasper Hills will be there to explain and entertain, our mongers have come up with delightful food and beverage pairings, and we are barely restraining Ari from going OTT. Of course, it is hard to restrain him when there are goodies like Harbison being featured. You grab a bag of potato chips and cut the top off the Harbison and have the most elegant and sophisticated chips and dip you will ever have. You could even stick your little pinkie out if you wanted to.

There will be two seatings; one at 11:30 AM. and another at 1:30 PM. Stop by the shop or call The Cheese Box at 206-636-7556 to purchase your ticket. We can’t wait to see you and your pinkies on Thursday!

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The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle