The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle

Rebel Cheese

Calling all fans of the fauxmage! A while back we had a vegan cheese tasting, and we found some winners. The Cheese Box is proud to introduce you to two of our favorites from Rebel Cheese out of Austin.

Since I have been dilatory with the deets, procrastinating on the pics, and overdue on the oh hell yeah this cheese is good, Ari has been selling them to non-vegans. He can do that because this Brie has an actual rind! How do they do that? And the Tomato Herb Fromage is your plant-based pizza prayers answered, though I think that a caprese-ish salad would be good too.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and it sounds like these cheeses could be your weekend plans. Vegan BBQ anyone?

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The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle