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  • Bier KAaS

    Bier KAaS

    Since the beginning we have had the mindset that we want to introduce you to cheeses that will blow your mind and now along comes a new cheese EXACTLY on our wavelength. A collaboration between a craft brewery and a co-op producer of farmhouse cheeses, Bier KAaS has had nothing added besides the Triple Heen…

  • Belper Knolle

    Belper Knolle

    Holy moly, Belper Knolle! Just kidding, it’s pronounced kah-noll. But the holy moly part still stands since this cheese is the epitome of small but mighty. Mighty flavored that is. Made with garlic and salt—and rolled in pepper, it is most often grated on top of other foods much like truffles or parmesan. It also…