The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle

The Cheese Box

Newly opened and joyfully curated by experienced Pike Place Market workers/regulars, The Cheese Box aims to sell nothing but delicious cheese (and delicious cheese accompaniments!).

Our cheese staff is here to listen, assist, and inspire. If you have a cheese pickup—we’ll prep your order so you can be on your way. But if you are exploring or curious, we’ll ask what you are planning to make and give suggestions.

Are you skeptical of certain kinds of cheeses? We might have a cheese that will surprise you. We love to get people excited by cheese!

The Cheese Box staff has a diversity of experiences and personalities. This allows us to enjoy our even more diverse group of customers. We also love how our location enhances the products and experiences we can offer you.

We strive to create a welcoming environment that looks and feels like all the best of the Market.

The Cheese Box Cow

Our Customers

You aren’t just a consumer at The Pike Place Market. Simply being at the Market makes you part of a vibrant community that feeds energy and soul to our beautiful city.

We have a depth of knowledge of our products, but thanks to our customers we are expanding our knowledge of cheese and the endless ways people enjoy it. We listen, we are welcoming, and we love finding you cheeses that love you back!

The Cheese Box Goat

The Market

The best of Seattle is at the Pike Place Market. Regulars buy their favorite things. Tourists immerse themselves in a hypnotic web of vendors and producers. An always changing but deep & vital community—we are generations of market people and we have stories.

The Cheese Box brings you the best of the Market. We know our neighbors and can guide you to other vendor’s products that pair perfectly with our cheeses (honey, smoked salmon, jams, etc.). Or, we can simply tell you what is amazing in the Market today. The camaraderie and tightly knit community is why shopping at the Market is different. It feels alive and vital—because it is.

The Cheese Box Goat

What is Next?

We have plans! Charcuterie boards, wine, catering, deliveries, classes, and tastings—The Cheese Box is thinking outside of our own box for new cheese adventures.

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The Cheese Box Stars Pike Place Market Seattle